The Team Behind Luma

We're passionate, dedicated, and more than anything we love to build.

Luma Consulting was founded by developers with years of industry experience. We have a diverse background—from IT customer service and system administration to programming—but the one thing we have in common is our passion for our clients.

Each one of our employees works hard every day to ensure the businesses we serve get the best possible product. We're here to solve problems, hard problems, through technology and code.

We succeed when you succeed.

Ryan O'Donnell, CEO

Coming from a high-paced client services background, Ryan brings his energy and enthusiasm for customer relations to Luma. His goal is to ensure that all our clients get the products they need and the support that makes their business run. He's the client's hero; if you ever have a problem, he'll make it right.

A drummer and programming enthusiast, Ryan can be found either writing a new and quirky system to toy with, learning another language, or jamming to classic rock. He loves to solve interesting problems, so if you have one be sure to mention it!

Dan Hennion, VP Software Engineering

With a background building multi-million dollar eCommerce platforms, Dan is no stranger to working with clients to help them accomplish their dreams. As VP of Software Engineering at Luma, he makes sure all the proper sprockets and cogs keep turning. As a leader, he unites our teams to bring great software to clients. As an engineer, nothing makes him happier than getting his hands dirty and digging into some code.

An avid guitar player, Dan loves to get together and jam with the company band. He can also be found hiking, mountain climbing, or at home cooking a good meal for friends. Sometimes on the day shift, often on the night shift, and frequently on the graveyard shift, Dan is a man of many timezones. We often find him at the coffee machine in the morning after a long night of hacking and working with our global clients.

Francesco Sorace, IT Director

Frank is the server and support guru at Luma. Getting his start deep in the IT support industry, he's waded through the trenches to come out stronger and wiser on the other side. He knows what it is like to work with troublesome systems; he makes it his passion to ensure both our and our client's IT infrastructure is at peak efficiency.

Usually found either shooting his bow, camping, or on a long hike, Frank loves the outdoors. Also an avid gamer, Frank is formidable both behind the keyboard and the controller: if you are looking for a challenge, stop by and challenge him to a game of Smash.